We keep prices low and quality high. Para la gente, por la gente.

We fell in love with the healing power of cannabinoids, but couldn't find quality brands without the junk and the hefty price tag so we set out on a mission to make it more accessible for you.

We've hustled and toiled to find solutions for pain, stress-related symptoms and other ailments because we seriously know the struggle that is working 12-hour days or dealing with debilitating anxiety and sleepless nights.

But we quickly realized that products with potent and beneficial cannabinoids were expensive. This meant that we, (two broke millennials) had a hard time getting our hands on the good stuff. So, we worked hard to find you (our familia) an affordable, high-quality source of cannabinoids.

We understand how stressful life can get and we believe cannabinoids are essential in finding balance and getting the R&R one needs to continue moving forward. Sigue luchando. We and appreciate you. Jon & Elvia, Ohsi Dreamers